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Am. J. Biomed. Sci. 2015, 7(3), 170-175; doi: 10.5099/aj150300170
Received: 15 May 2015; | Revised: 10 August 2015; | Accepted: 29 August 2015


Role of Dielectric Property of Blood in Detection of Renal Failure


Arpita Gupta*1, G.U.Kharat2

1 EC dept, KEC, Ghaziabad, 201006, India

2 EC dept, Sharadchandra Pawar College of Engineering, Pune, 412409, India

*Corresponding Author

Arpita Gupta

EC dept,

KEC, Ghaziabad, 201006


Phone No. 91-9891989944

Fax No. 0120-2898513

Email: arpita_gupta15@yahoo.co.in



The dielectric property of blood cell is of great significance and has been attracting the attention of many researchers since decades. Renal failure or kidney failure is a very common problem now a days and early diagnosis can help these patients in their treatment. Creatinine is the waste product of human body which is generated due to muscle metabolisms. One of the functions of kidney is to maintain the creatinine level in the body. Creatinine level is an indicator of functioning of kidney. The creatinine content of blood of a subject changes the dielectric property of blood. The authors have correlated the dielectric property of blood with the creatinine level. It was observed that the pre dialysis blood where the creatinine level is more, the dielectric of the sample is less than that of post dialysis sample where the creatinine level is less. Thus by measuring the dielectric property of the blood, the creatinine value can be estimated which is a clear indication of functioning of kidney. The authors believe that the dielectric property of blood cell can effectively help in diagnosis of renal diseases. The paper clearly shows how dielectric property of blood can be helpful in detecting the malfunctioning of kidney. Also the capacitance of the blood cell depends on dielectric property of blood. In this paper, a relation between blood capacitance and creatinine has been developed. Blood capacitance which can be easily measured can approximately predict the value of blood creatinine which helps in diagnosis and treatment of patients with renal disorder. The collected data is analyzed statistically in MINITAB software. The software is very useful for process improvement with Monte Carlo simulation.

Keywords: Dielectric property of blood, renal failure, creatinine, Kidney, blood capacitance, MINITAB.

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