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Am. J. Biomed. Sci. 2018,10(3),149-156;doi:10.5099/aj180300149
Received:10 May 2018; | Revised:25 May 2018; | Accepted: 30 August 2018


Research and Design a Non- Invasive Blood Glucose Measuring Module


Duong Trong Luong*, Nguyen Xuan Huy, Dao Viet Hung, Nguyen Thai Ha, Nguyen Duc Thuan

Department of Electronic Technology and Biomedical Engineering, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam

*Corresponding Author

Duong Trong Luong

Department of Electronic Technology and Biomedical Engineering

Hanoi University of Science and Technology


Email: luong.duongtrong@hust.edu.vn



One of the best challenges in healthy field in 21th century is diabetes because the number of patients is rising faster and faster. Prevention of complications of diabetes, we have to continuously monitor blood glucose level. In this paper, we introduce our research about non- invasive blood glucose measuring device which used infrared light 1550nm. Our goals are developing the non- invasive glucose measuring device, it is more convenient in measuring and following glucose index in patient's body. We can follow this index continuously, without pain and slow down problems about infectious diseases. Beside it, when using our device, the price is decreased because it does not use consumable supplies. But the accuracy of the measuring is still not high. We tested this device in living body of 2 volunteers in 10 days then compared the results of our device with those of invasive device used in the market, our device gives correlation coefficient from 0.870 to 0.995.


Keywords: Non-invasive, Infrared light, Blood glucose, Diabetes 


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